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We Build Affordable And Effective Front-End Websites For Small Businesses.

Welcome to Droplets Web Development. We help small businesses and start-up companies get the best start possible in the digital market. Start-up costs can be expensive, but we are here to help you achieve the online presence your business needs to thrive at minimal cost.

Our Website Services Include:

Front-End Web Development

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We specialize in developing professional and responsive front-end websites that help small businesses grow faster. With several pricing plans available, there is guaranteed to be a web package suitable to your budget and needs.


Search Engine Optimization

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Our SEO Services are designed to boost your sites rankings and help your business generate leads faster. Offered as your choice of either a monthly service or on a job by job basis, we can help boost your pages rankings on a customized plan.


Content Writing

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We offer engaging, SEO friendly content writing at competitive prices for blogs, social media, websites and more. Our pricing plans are broken down based on the scope of the content you need.


Why Choose Droplets Web Development?

We put you and the growth of your business before anything else, and we respect your budget. By offering simple, upgradeable packages, we can incremenatally build up your web presence along with your business. Our highest priority is to ensure you get the results you deserve.

We understand what it means to be a small start-up company in a competitive world. We also know that it is crucial that every business has a quality website that presents a professional company dedicated to their brand and customers. As well, we know that not every new business owner has the budget to afford what most development companies charge. That is why it is important to us to offer you the best, most affordable web services possible.

How We Price Our Services?

Web Development is tricky to estimate the prices for as there is so much that goes into a websites creation. Everything from the content, the SEO, the style and the functionality factors into how expensive developing and maintaining a website costs. Thankfully, with our system we can help you determine the best plan needed to ensure you recieve a cost efficient site that will help take your small business to the next level.

Through our free consultation, we narrow down your sites requirements to determine the most important elements needed to increase business traffic and convert leads into clients. From this custom plan, clients can upgrade as their business grows to ensure their investment achieves return growth without breaking their budget.

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Meet Our Developer

Our developer and founder, Richard Guilliams has over two years of experience working with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Driven to advanced his career as a developer he is currently studying NodeJs, React and SQL. He is passionate about programming, graphic design, guitar, video games and much more. His future plans are to master full-stack development and to expand Droplets Web Development into a thriving business with a team capable of handling the largest clients. Until we are able to expand, he is in charge of all aspects of development.